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Judi Amber Chase, Co-Founder & President, The Earth Harmony Foundation


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A Non-profit 501c3 Foundation, dedicated to protecting children, promoting global peace and harmony, & fostering earth stewardship and respect for all life

Earth Harmony Card: Earth Peace Flag


Earth Harmony Card: The Blessing

The redwoods represent the three branches of government
Angels of Culture and Wisdom guide us pouring forth blessings
And all of nature supports us, if we can live in harmony as do the dolphins,
aligned with the sun, earth, and moon...
The earth in an infinity sign balances before the US Capital
As a reminder that as a nation,
we are are to stay in balance and harmony with the all the nations of the world.


Mission Statement

PROMOTING: Global community, world peace, the restoration and transformation of planet Earth

ESTABLISHING: Harmony Haven as a permanent adoptive home for orphaned drug babies born with special needs.

PROTECTING: Forests, wilderness, & animals by creating, Earth Harmony Parks and Earth Harmony Murals, for future generations.

ADVOCATING: For the rights of all children to grow up safely and peacefully without being subjected to trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

EDUCATING: Youth and community groups about earth stewardship, renewable energy and sustainable living so they may inherit a healthy, habitable planet.

CREATING: Eco-arts Nature Camps to nurture children's creativity and facilitate youth leadership training in global stewardship, fostering reverence for nature.

CULTIVATING: An appreciation for music and the performing and visual arts to raise ecological awareness, promote peace and global harmony on Planet Earth.

The Earth Harmony Foundation is a non-profit educational, environmental, and humanitarian organization dedicated to protecting and cherishing the world's children, and to preserving Earth's pristine beauty for the children of the future, utilizing music and the arts, to educate, and empower youth and world citizens to live peacefully and harmoniously with nature and to Treasure it Wild!


Board of Directors

Judi Chase and David Chase, Gary 'Dov' Gertzweig


President/Executive Director:
Judi Amber Chase

Chair, International Children's Rights Committee

Judi Amber Chase, Profile, Bio, Photos


Vice President/Operations Director
G. Dov Gertzweig

Chair, Environmental Protection Committee

Dov: Profile, Bio, Photos


Nick Pinto

Susan Pinto


Director of Special Events:

Tim Trusskey


Co-Directors of Development:
Jeff Hutner, Frank Lane and Grant Ballan
Directors of Fundraising:
Beth Martin Brown
Director of Arts:

Erial Ali

Earth Harmony Foundation information :

National Advisory Council
Darcey Lubbers
Stephen Feig

Shirley Catanzaro

Nils Jiptner
Leorah Sky
Jeff Hutner
Marc Arouh
Beth Martin Brown
Marla Ludwig
Chris Gow
Rev. Nirvana Gayle
Ranger Matt Kouba
Frank Lane
Ted Gunderson
Kenneth Gertzweig
Kari Rose
Dan Chiras
Alicia Lane
John Rose
Lou Martin