Earth Harmony Foundation Kid's Page:

We Love Spaceship Earth


The Earth Harmony Foundation Presents:

Earth Harmony Cards ©2005

To collect, to print out, to play with

and use in 'card duals' with friends....


Dolphin Power

Fisherman on the Whale
Blesser of the Heart
Visionary of the Skies




1. Use these cards to create Earth Harmony..

2. Create your own field to play in...

3. The most Hearts have most power and win over other cards


4. The numbers show future powers





Visit Murals, some painted in part by Kids!

Be Part of Spaceship Earth Kid's Club

This club was started in 1992 with this page in Earth News Magazine.

Kids can still write letters, color pictures and express their feelings about Spaceship Earth!

KIDZ by Erial
Kidz retain the basic human need to explore new worlds. What is sometimes
stunted in adults or the purview of scientists, artists and spiritually
inclined people is alive and thriving in the child. The hunger for the new
or novel is the best place to learn something. It's why the child can learn
any language with relative ease. Their consciousness is a sponge drinking up
all things that stimulate and excite.

It's a very precious place and should
be nurtured and respected.
What is it we need to learn as a species? What potentials can we unleash in
the young? What new talents and abilities do we need to steer ourselves into
a bright future for the sake of our precious blue planet spaceship earth!?